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15 novembre 2012

Laurent Bayle: “The heart of music should always be the creation process”

Along with the Parc de la Villette and the Cité des Sciences, the Cité de la Musique reinvented the former slaughterhouse district of Paris - La Villette - in the 1980's and the 1990's. But its own goal is to reinvent the relationship between the audience and all music styles.A struggle led by Laurent Bayle, 57, Head of Cité de la Musique since 2001. Ex member of former Conseil de la création artistique gives his views on music and creation while the Forum d'Avignon is about to open.

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12 novembre 2012

Barthélémy Toguo: “Use energy to create emotion”

Barthélémy Toguo lives between Bandjoun (Western Province of Cameroon) and the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Always on the move since the early 1990's, he is now internationally well-known for his paintings, installations and performances. M. Toguo constantly searching for humanity in an inhumane and complicated world. Not an easy task. Interview at the International Contemporary Art Fair [Fiac]. Next stop: the Forum d'Avignon.

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10 novembre 2012

Syhem Belkhodja: “Bring the world on Tunisia's doorstep”

Where to start with Syhem Belkhodja? Deep down she is a passionate dancer and choreographer. But the Tunisian artist is also the founder of Ness el Fen association and the Director of three festivals: the Choreographic Meeting of Carthage, the documentary film festival Doc in Tunis and Design & Fashion in Carthage. Sometimes depicted as an 'Iron Lady', she gave a warm welcome to LabKultur while she was hard-working in France on her last creation Turbulences, before the Forum Avignon. Interview.

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06 novembre 2012

Open data movement is flourishing in Nantes

Nantes is the second most important French city in the field of digital economy - inevitably just behind Paris. After a decade of remarkable growth, the city on the banks of the river Loire now boasts 15 000 jobs related to the Web. La Cantine Numérique ['The Digital cafeteria']  is a symbol of the rapid expansion and influence of this sector, a place where independent artists, technology specialists, journalists  and geeks gather to work and exchange ideas. This new, tech-savvy group has a common goal: open data.

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22 octobre 2012

Izabeau Jousse and Emmanuelle Caron: “Against the dictatorship of tidiness”

It all started with a flyer: “Messy or tidy come to create a collective bazaar by bringing and leaving a beloved or neglected object”. Bordéliques was a book, now it's an exhibition (from mid September to mid October at the Galerie Montesquieu in Nantes) and soon a play. Two Nantais artists are leading this longtime project to Paris then around Europe: photograph Emmanuelle Caron and painter Izabeau Jousse. Enthusiastic and messy interview.

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16 octobre 2012

'Lola' back on the big screen

Lola is the main character in a cinematic trilogy released in the 1960s: Lola, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg ['The Umbrellas of Cherbourg'] and Model Shop. While the third film is said to be the most controversial and the second one the most famous, it is the first of the three that is considered a real symbol of Nantes. A 20 year-long restoration project has finally been completed, and the film was re-released on 25th July 2012. This remastered version will also form part of the Jacques Demy exhibition at the Cinémathèque Française next spring.

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04 octobre 2012

The many faces of Nantes

Next year, Nantes will become the European Green Capital 2013. This November, the Cité des Ducs de Bretagne will host the annual Eurocities conference, gathering more than 135 European metropolises. After two decades of urban and cultural revolution, not to mention political communication, this is yet further proof of the Nantes’ continuing success. But is it really that simple? The city’s past is altogether more complicated. Investigation.

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11 septembre 2012

Jean Jullien: “A building always carries a message about the history of Nantes”

The 144-metre tall Tour Bretagne. An unpopular architectural symbol of Nantes erected thirty-six years ago, whose colossal shadow looms over the heart of the city. On the 32nd floor, which was once closed off in the early 2000s for security reasons, Nantes-born but London-based artist Jean Jullien created Le Nid (the nest). What had started as an artistic venture became a city-wide success after the skyscraper was re-opened to the public on June 15th 2012 (175 000 visitors have since passed through its doors). Does this mean that the Tour Bretagne has finally been accepted by the local population? Interview with 29 years old Jean Julien.

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27 juillet 2012

Lights, Camera, Journalism!

216.6 million movie theater tickets were sold in French cinemas in 2011 –the most since 2006. While at the same time the film press, including three monthly magazines, in France is suffering. Studio Ciné Live lost 10.59% of its circulation last year. Première still has a loss of 1.63% after five years of significant difficulties. Les Cahiers du cinéma gained 2,89% but is seen to be too elitist. Despite such a tough environment, a few Nantais chose to launch their own version this June: So Film.

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14 juillet 2012

Andre Dekker : “A negotiation between nature and people”

La petite Amazonie (the little Amazon): an area of 17 hectares between the last kilometer of railway before Nantes train station and the renovated high-rise buildings of the Malakoff working-class district. Only 500 people are allowed to visit this Natura 2000 nature reserve each year. Dutch artistic trio Obersvatorium constructed a wooden toll called Péage sauvage at the entrance of this wilderness area. Interview with one of them, Andre Dekker.

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29 juin 2012

Left-wing or right-wing local cultural policy?

Following three decades of territorial  décentralisation in France - first between 1982-1983, then 2002-2004 – French cities are at the forefront of cultural policy. In Nantes, Socialist Party (PS) heartland since 1989, culture is evermore present, largely because of the successful but expensive events held in the city (Royal de Luxe street theatre company, La Folle journée classical music festival, Le Voyage à Nantes artistic spectacle). The definition of a left-wing or a right-wing local cultural policy is brought back into question.

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16 juin 2012

A Voyage à Nantes with Jean Blaise : “Culture is never too expensive”

What is Le Voyage à Nantes? A publicly-owned corporation born on January 1st 2011, in charge of both culture and tourism in Nantes - a fusion said to be a European premiere. It's also a series of hundreds of events taking place from June 15th to August 19th 2012 on the banks of the Loire river. “The city turned upside down by art” is the leitmotiv of this two-month long megafestival, which has nevertheless been subject to criticism. Two-part interview with Jean Blaise, enthusiastic director of Le Voyage à Nantes.

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