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17 janvier 2013

Is culture possible without public backing in Nantes?

Nearly one year ago The New York Times wrote that the mascot of Nantes - a 12 meter-tall wooden elephant - was “at the heart of a creative, some would say whimsical, reinvention of an old industrial city that could make it the envy of hundreds of others like it, from the Ruhr Valley in Germany to the Rust Belt in the United States”. In fact Le Grand Éléphant ('The Great Elephant') was built using only public funds. And moreover, when it comes to culture, almost everything in Nantes follows this pattern….

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22 novembre 2012

Cosmopolitan culture at the 'Cosmopolis'

Inaugurated nearly 15 years ago by the Ville de Nantes, the publicaly-owned Espace international Cosmopolis wasn't destined to be a ground-breaking cultural success in Western France. Hard to find, unpopular with both local artists and Nantais, it gained respectability these last years under the strong leadership of Director Carole Reux. Nicknamed 'Cosmo', this exhibition gallery and event center re-opens this Autumn after 6 months of closure.

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